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14 Oct 2015

Estudio clínico-patológico de los mucoceles de la cavidad oral

Bagán Sebastián JV, Silvestre Donat FJ, Peñarrocha Diago M, Milián Masanet MA. Estudio clínico-patológico de los mucoceles de la cavidad oral. Av Odontoestomatol. 1990; 6:389-95.


We present a clinical and histopathological study of 25 mucoceles of the oral cavity. Incidence was found to be greatest between age 10 and 20 (12 cases), with no significant differences in terms of sex. The lower lip was most frequently affected (17 cases), other locations being much less common. In 72% of cases there were etiological antecedents of traumatism. Mucocele size varied from 3 to 13 mm. although a great many of them were between 10 and 13 mm. Evolution period was 1-16 months, incidence being highest between 1 and 4 months. Finally, histology showed 95% to be due extravasation, the remaining 5% being the result of retention. Among the extravasation mucoceles, 11.7% were in the initial phase, another 11.7% in the reabsorption stage, and 76.4% in the final phase.

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