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10 Jun 2016

Encefalopatía mioclónica bismútica: a propósito de dos nuevas observaciones clínicas

Cervelló MA; Alfaro A; Antolin MA; Peñarrocha M. Bismuth myoclonic encephalopathy. Report of two cases. Medicina Clínica, 1982 79: 137-40.

Two new cases of myoclonic encephalopathy due to long ingestion of bismuth salts are described.
The first case, a S5-year-old woman, enters into the so-called benign forms of the disease. Her neurological condition returned quickly to normal when the intake of bismuth was stopped.
The second case, a man aged 48, suffered a severe encephalopathy with action myoclonus. The lumbar puncture showed a cerebrospinal fluid negative pressure, then originating air aspiration, which appears in compute; ass¡sted tomography like a subarachnoid and intraventricular pneumocephalus. lsotopic cisternography showed a delayed pattern of the cerebrospinal fluid circulation. These findings suggest an impairment of cerebrospinal fluid production, probably related with certain alterations of the choroid plexuses already described by others authors.
This last patient showed clinical and electromyographic features of a sensorimotor polyneuropathy, that has not been previously referred in other cases of bismuth encephalopathy.


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