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27 Feb 2016

Bilateral vertical ridge augmentatoion with block grafts and guided bone regenertion in the posterior mandible: A case report

Peñarrocha MA, Vina JA, Maestre L, Peñarrocha-Oltra D. Bilateral vertical ridge augmentation with block grafts and guided bone regeneration in the posterior mandible: a case report. J Oral Implantol. 2012 Sep;38 Spec No:533-7.


The aim is to describe bilateral vertical ridge augmentation with intraoral block grafts and guided bone regeneration in the posterior mandible in preparation for implant placement. A 61-year-old woman, edentulous in the posterior mandible, presented for implant rehabilitation. The radiographic study showed 3 to 6mmof bone height from the ridge to the mandibular canal. Autogenous bone block grafts from the chin and the mandibular ramus, harvested with ultrasonics, were used to augment the alveolar ridge. To reduce resorption, the grafts were covered with particulate alloplastic material and a collagen membrane. Delayed implants were placed 6 months after vertical augmentation, and 3 months later implants were loaded with a fixed prosthesis. A temporary sensory complication occurred, but 12 months after implant loading, there were no failures. In this case report block bone grafting was a feasible option to vertically augment the alveolar ridge in the posterior mandible.


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