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28 Feb 2016

CAD/CAM dental systems in implant dentistry: Update

Fuster-Torres MA, Albalat-Estela S, Alcañiz-Raya M, Peñarrocha-Diago M. CAD/CAM dental systems in implant dentistry: Update. Med Oral Patol Oral Cir Bucal. 2009 Mar 1;14 (3):E141-5.


CAD/CAM systems (computer-aided design / computer aided manufacturing) used for decades in restorative dentistry have expanded its application to implant dentistry.
This study aimed to look through CAD/CAM systems used in implant dentistry, especially emphasizing implant abutments and surgical templates manufacturing. A search of articles published in English at Medline and Scopus databases at present was conducted, introducing “dental CAD/CAM”, “implants abutments” and “surgical guide CAD/CAM” as key words.
These systems consist of three components: 1) data capture using optical systems or laser scanning, 2) CAD for the design of the restoration, and 3) CAM to produce the restoration through the information generated by computer.
CAD/CAM abutments present the advantages of being specific to each patient and providing a better fit than the rest of abutments, in addition to being much more tough as they employ materials such as titanium, alumina and zirconium.
In order to improve accuracy during implant placement we use stereolithography to manufacture CAD/CAM surgical
templates. Using this method, minimally invasive surgery is performed without a flap, and the prosthesis is delivered, achieving immediate functional loading to the implants.


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