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A patient’s guide to dental implants

A patient's guide to dental implantsNowadays, dental implants have become one of the most demanded treatments to sort out problems regarding functionality and aesthetic. For this reason, it’s our duty as specialists to explain clearly how they works, because our patients have got the right to be aware of their options.
In those pages, whoever has curiosity to learn about dental implants or have anxiety because they are about to face an operation will find answer to several questions. The style, the layout and all the material are prepared to be easy to understand by all kinds of people.
Our professionals are widely experimented and they have put their maximum effort to produce a clarifying guide. Furthermore, they know their responsibility and have straightforwardly written this must have book which can be managed easily. Read it, it will avoid you plenty of problems.

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Aesthetics and immediate loading in oral implantology

Aesthetics and immediate loading in Oral ImplantologyDental implants are an increasingly accepted treatment and growing requested by patients. Hence, our book provides an updated overview of the tooth replacement and the immediate loading of dental implants.
Throughout the more than 10 sections, the text gathers updated and detailed explanations, written by authorities in the field, such as María Peñarrocha or Mateo Sartori. In addition, new methods to enhance the aesthetic appearance without compromising functionality are described, all of which illustrated with a large number of images that perfectly clarify every single aspect of the intervention.
The manual is particularly recommended for professionals seeking to update their knowledge on these areas. It is also suitable for any student wishing to acquire enough knowledge to improve their skills and strengthen the future of their professional career.

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Atlas of surgery in oral implantology

surgical atlas coverThe Atlas of Surgery in Oral Implantology is a guide in which we present an updated, comprehensive and detailed perspective on all available practical treatments carried out in oral implantology This book is intended for both students and professionals of Dentistry.
For students, it will provide a practical reference from which to begin developing their professional skills. The explanations are clear, detailed and supported by all graphical material necessary to sort out most of the students’ doubts.
Whereas professionals will be able to update their knowledges about Implantology and catch up with latest techniques. Any dental professional should have a manual like this, designed as a consulting tool to assist in overcoming any doubt or complication. Patients are our priority and this book is intended to give them the best possible care.

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Atlas of Periapical Surgery

Atlas of periapical surgeryThis Atlas arise as a result of the collaboration of a group of excellent professionals, headed by the Professor Dr. Miguel Peñarrocha Diago, of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry of the Universitat de València.
This book will be an excellent complement for undergraduate students of the Degree in Dentistry, but it will become essential for those dentists seeking to specialize in Oral Surgery, looking to learn in detail how this surgical procedure is correctly implemented.
Periapical surgery is a conservative procedure, which eliminates an inflammatory periapical lesions, while preserving the causal tooth. The authors take us on a tour through the current periapical surgery, and presenting the new technological framework in which it is evolving.
The atlas is endowed with highest quality iconography, showing the detailed surgical treatment in a variety of clinical cases, and including a proper review on the current state on this topic.


Treatment of the atrophic upper jaws using implants

Treatment of the atrophic upper jaws using implantsImplant rehabilitation of the atrophic upper jaw for correcting various issues are becoming more and more common. For this reason, we have written one of the most complete current manuals, compiling a large amount of technical procedures that have been executed. The book format is perfectly oriented so that its specific and complete explanations, together with an extraordinary collection of high quality images, become a great support for professionals under training as well as specialists who want to improving their skills and provide the best possible dental care.
The book has been written by competent authorities in the field of Implantology, including Miguel Peñarrocha Diago, professor of Oral Surgery at the Universitat de València. His work has been awarded numerous national and international awards, thus ensuring the good work behind this manual.


Smiles of the world

SMThe smiles know no borders. For this reason, the photographer Olga Valebona has toured around the world to bring us the beauty inside human faces`s faraway in origin for most readers; however very close and important for a large part of their life.
The smile is much more than teeth. Smiles speak volumes about the culture in which they are generated. María Peñarrocha, Doctor of Medicine and Oral Surgery, discusses with Valebona which traists are developed in each of cultures. How do the teeth, faces and smiles of these peoples amend? Smiles of the world is an essential reading for any curious mind.

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Atlas of Oral Surgery and Orthodontics.

Atlas of oral surgery and orthodonticsThe progresses made in dental research have led to a rapid change in the field of the oral surgery and orthodontics. This book provides both basic and advanced information for a complete revision on new available techniques. This Atlas of Oral Surgery and Orthodontics constitutes a starting point laying the foundations of development in the field.
The contents of this book are diverse, but addressed topics are discussed and developed in depth. Some of the topics discussed include the range of therapeutic options for the treatment of impacted teeth, the relationship between impacted wisdom teeth and orthodontic problems or the treatment of supernumerary teeth, among many other points.
This atlas is aimed at professionals, postgraduate and undergraduate students and all those professionals and students from related fields who which to have knowledge about the appropriate management of patients under orthodontic treatments.

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Local anesthesia in dentistry

Local anesthesia in DentistryAnesthesia is critical for dentists` formation, because this is the procedure that precedes most of the dental procedures. Therefore, this book begins by describing the origins of anesthesia and subsequently focuses on analyzing orofacial pain.
The book is written from the perspective of the precise knowledge of the nerve pathways, resulting in an insightful, clear and didactic exposition of the different anesthetic techniques, their indications, and even the reasons that can lead to errors during anesthesia administration due to anatomical variations.
That is why, it is about an essential that cannot be missing in the bookshelf of any dental student who intends to carry out surgical interventions, once it provides basic knowledge necessary to effectively deal with any problems which may arise.


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