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Agustín-Panadero R, Serra-Pastor B, Peñarrocha-Oltra D, Peñarrocha-Diago M. Maxillary Implant Prosthodontic Treatment Using Digital Laboratory Protocol for a Patient with Epidermolysis Bullosa: A Case History Report. Int J Prosthodont. 2017 Jul/Aug;30(4):390-393. doi: 10.11607/ijp.5065.


Bover-Ramos F, Viña-Almunia J, Cervera-Ballester J, Peñarrocha-Diago M, García-Mira B. Accuracy of Implant Placement with Computer-Guided Surgery: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Comparing Cadaver, Clinical, and In Vitro Studies. Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants. 2017 Jun 20. doi: 10.11607/jomi.5556.


Canullo L, Tallarico M, Chu S, Peñarrocha D, Özcan M, Pesce P. Cleaning, Disinfection, and Sterilization Protocols Employed for Customized Implant Abutments: An International Survey of 100 Universities Worldwide. Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants. 2017 May 18. doi: 10.11607/jomi.5402.


Penarrocha-Diago M, Penarrocha-Diago M, Zaragozí-Alonso R, Soto-Penaloza D. Consensus statements and clinical recommendations on treatment indications, surgical procedures, prosthetic protocols and complications following All-On-4 standard treatment. 9th Mozo-Grau Ticare Conference in Quintanilla, Spain. J Clin Exp Dent. 2017 May 1;9(5):e712-e715. doi: 10.4317/jced.53759. eCollection 2017 May. Review.


Rojo J, Viña J, Peñarrocha D, Peñarrocha M. Facial alveolar bone width at the first and second maxillary premolars in healthy patients: A cone beam computed tomography study. J Oral Implantol. 2017 Apr 19. doi: 10.1563/aaid-joi-D-16-00195


Peñarrocha-Diago M, Balaguer-Martí JC, Peñarrocha-Oltra D, Balaguer-Martínez JF, Agustín-Panadero R. A combined digital and stereophotogrammetric technique for rehabilitation with immediate loading of complete-arch, implant-supported prostheses: A randomized controlled pilot clinical trial. J Prosthet Dent. 2017 Apr 3. pii: S0022-3913(17)30007-0. doi: 10.1016


Canullo L, Camacho-Alonso F, Tallarico M, Meloni SM, Xhanari E, Penarrocha-Oltra D. Mucosa Thickness and Peri-implant Crestal Bone Stability: A Clinical and Histologic Prospective Cohort Trial. Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants. 2017 Mar 15. doi: 10.11607/jomi.5349.


Guzmán-Letelier M, Crisosto-Jara C, Diaz-Ricouz C, Peñarrocha-Diago M, Peñarrocha-Oltra D. Severe odontogenic infection: An emergency. Case report. J Clin Exp Dent. 2017 Feb 1;9(2):e319-e324. doi: 10.4317/jced.53308. eCollection 2017.


David Soto-Peñaloza, Regino Zaragozí-Alonso, María Peñarrocha-Diago, Miguel Peñarrocha-Diago. The all-on-four treatment concept: Systematic review. The all-on-four treatment concept: Systematic review, doi:10.4317/jced.53613


Miguel Peñarrocha-Diago, María Peñarrocha-Diago, Juan-Antonio Blaya-Tárraga. State of the art and clinical recommendations in periapical implant lesions. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dentistry, doi:10.4317/jced.53600






Serra-Pastor B, Peñarrocha-Diago M, Peñarrocha-Diago MA, Agustín-Panadero R. Treatment and restoration of adult dentoalveolar trauma: A clinical case report. J Clin Exp Dent. (2016), doi:10.4317/jced.52990



Fernández-Ferrer L, Montiel-Company JM, Candel-Martí E, Almerich-Silla JM, Peñarrocha-Diago M, Bellot-Arcís C. Corticotomies as a surgical procedure to accelerate tooth movement during orthodontic treatment: A systematic review. Med Oral Patol Oral Cir Bucal. 2016 Nov 1.



Menéndez-Nieto I, Cervera-Ballester J, Maestre-Ferrín L, Blaya-Tárraga JA, Peñarrocha-Oltra D, Peñarrocha-Diago M. Hemostatic Agents in Periapical Surgery: A Randomized Study of Gauze Impregnated in Epinephrine versus Aluminum Chloride. J Endod. 2016 Nov.





















  • Dental extraction in patients receiving dual antiplatelet therapy
    Sánchez-Palomino P, Sánchez-Cobo P, Rodriguez-Archilla A, González-Jaranay M, Moreu G, Calvo-Guirado JL, Peñarrocha-Diago M, Gómez-Moreno G. Dental extraction in patients receiving dual antiplatelet therapy. Med Oral Patol Oral Cir Bucal. 2015 Sep 1;20(5):e616-20.
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  • Oral teratomas: a report of 5 cases
    Bonet C, Peñarrocha-Oltra D, Minguez JM, Vera-Sirera B, Peñarrocha-Diago M, Peñarrocha-Diago M. Oral teratomas: a report of 5 cases. J Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2012 Dec;70(12):2809-13.2015
  • Pubmed
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  • Peri-implantitis: associated microbiota and treatment
    Ata-Ali J, Candel-Marti ME, Flichy-Fernández AJ, Peñarrocha-Oltra D, Balaguer-Martinez JF, Peñarrocha Diago M. Peri-implantitis: associated microbiota and treatment. Med Oral Patol Oral Cir Bucal. 2011 Nov 1;16(7):e937-43.
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  • Maxillary sinus septa: A systematic review
    Maestre-Ferrín L, Galán-Gil S, Rubio-Serrano M, Peñarrocha-Diago M, Peñarrocha-Oltra D. Maxillary sinus septa: A systematic review. Med Oral Patol Oral Cir Bucal. 2010 Mar 1;15 (2):e383-6.
    [download id=”6196″]



  • Oral Mucocele: Review of the literature
    Ata-Ali J, Carrillo C , Bonet C , Balaguer J, Peñarrocha M , Peñarrocha M. Oral mucocele: review of the literature. J Clin Exp Dent. 2010;2(1):e18-21.
    [download id=”6364″]



  • Probiotic treatment in the oral cavity: an update
    Flichy-Fernández AJ, Alegre-Domingo T, Peñarrocha-Oltra D, Peñarrocha-Diago M. Probiotic treatment in the oral cavity: an update. Med Oral Patol Oral Cir Bucal. 2010 Sep 1;15 (5):e677-80.
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  • Oromandibular dystonia: a dental approach
    Maestre-Ferrín L, Burguera JA, Peñarrocha-Diago M, Peñarrocha-Diago M. Oromandibular dystonia: A dental approach. Med Oral Patol Oral Cir Bucal. 2009 Jan 1;15 (1):e25-7.
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  • Software applied to oral implantology: update
    Rubio-Serrano M, Albalat-Estela S, Peñarrocha-Diago M, Peñarrocha-Diago M. Software applied to oral implantology: Update. Med Oral Patol Oral Cir Bucal. 2008 Oct1;13(10):E661-5.
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  • Bifid mandibular canal
    Sanchis J.M., Peñarrocha M., F. Soler.: Bifid Mandibular Canal. J Oral Maxillofac Surg 61:422-424, 2003.
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  • Granuloma eosinófilo de los maxilares
    Bonet J, Mínguez JM, Peñarrocha M, Mínguez I. Granuloma eosinófilo de los maxilares. A propósito de tres casos. Med Oral 2001;6:218-24.
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  • Cluster headache and cocaine use
    Peñarrocha M, Bagán JV, Peñarrocha MA, Silvestre FJ. Cluster headache and cocaine use. Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol Oral Radiol Endod. 2000 Sep;90(3):271-4.
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  • Pseudoquistes de los maxilares
    Sanchís JM, Peñarrocha M, Mínguez JM, Bonet J. Pseudoquistes de los maxilares. Med Oral 1999;4:564-72.[download id=”7345″]
















  • Neurofibroma solitario de labio
    Bonet J, Peñarrocha M, Mínguez JM, Vera F. Neurofibroma solitario de labio. Arch Odontoestomatol 1997;3:509-12.
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  • Neuralgia idiopática del intermediario
    Peñarrocha Diago M, Bagán Sebastián JV, Milian Massanet MA, Burguera Hernández JA. Neuralgia idiopática del intermediario. Av Odontoestomatol. 1993;9:481-84
    [download id=”5277″]


  • Oral lichen planus and diabetes mellitus
    J.V. Bagán, J.S. Donat, M. Peñarrocha D., M.A. Milián M., J.M. Sanchís B.: Oral lichen planus and diabetes mellitus. A clinico-pathological study. Bull Group Int Rech Sci Stomatol et Odontol- Vol 36 nº 1-2, 1993.
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  • Etude morphométrique dans 74 cas de lichen plan oral
    José V. Bagán Sebastián, José M. Aguirre Urizar, A. Milián Masanet, M. Peñarrocha Diago, M.J. García Pola Vallejo. Etude morphométrique dans 74 cas de lichen plan oral. Clínica Odontológica, Facultad de Medicina y Odontología, Gascó Oliag 1, 46010 Valencia, Espagne. Rev. Stomatol. Chir. maxillofac. 1991, 92, nº 4, pp. 265-268.
    [download id=”5282″]






  • Douleur faciale d’origine cardiaque
    M. Peñarrocha Diago, F.J. Silvestre Donat, R. Rodríguez Gil. Douleur faciale d’origine cardiaque. Unité d’Enseignement de Pathologie Orale, Faculté de Médecine et Odontologie, Gasco Oliag 1, 46021 Valencia. Rev. Stomatol. Chir. maxillofac. 1990, 91, nº 6, p. 477-479.
    [download id=”5286″]























  • Verrucous Carcinoma of the Oral Cavity
    Bagán JV, Vera F, Milián MA, Peñarrocha M, Peydro A. Verrucous Carcinoma of the Oral Cavity. Rev Stomatol Chir Maxilofac 1988;89:92-6.
    [download id=”7313″]





  • Evaluación del paciente con dolor facial
    Peñarrocha M, Alfaro A, Bagán JV, Milian A. Evaluación del paciente con dolor facial. Rev Actual Estomatol Esp. 1987 Nov-Dec;47(369):25-8, 21-2, 25-6.
    [download id=”5313″]








  • Miastenia grave
    Alfaro A, Peñarrocha M. Miastenia grave. Med Clin (Barc). 1984 Mar 17;82(10):462-9.
    [download id=”6895″]






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