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23 Feb 2016

Extraction of impacted maxillary canines with simultaneous implant placement

Peñarrocha M, Peñarrocha M, García-Mira B, Larrazabal C. Extraction of impacted maxillary canines with simultaneous implant placement. J Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2007 Nov;65(11):2336-9.


When impacted maxillary canines are not amenable to orthodontic traction or reimplantation, extraction is the only option available, followed by implant placement. If apical and ridge crest bone remains after the extraction of the maxillary canines, an immediate implant can be placed. The implant is anchored bicortically with good primary fixation. This article presents a new surgical technique that allows an immediate implant placement after the extraction of the maxillary canines. The full circumference of the implant is left without bone coverage, except for the apical and coronal area. The implant screw threads and the bone defect are covered with the bone shavings collected by the filter of the surgical aspirator during ostectomy.


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