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25 Feb 2016

Evaluation of healing criteria for success after periapical surgery

Peñarrocha-Diago M, Ortega-Sánchez B, García-Mira B, Martí-Bowen E, von Arx T, Gay-Escoda C. Evaluation of healing criteria for success after periapical surgery. Med Oral Patol Oral Cir Bucal. 2008 Feb1;13(2):E143-7.



In periapical surgery, the absence of standardization between different studies makes it difficult to compare the outcomes.


To compare the healing classification of different authors and evaluate the prognostic criteria of periapical surgery at 12 months.


278 patients (101 men and 177 women) with a mean age of 38.1 years (range 11 to 77) treated with periapical surgeryusing the ultrasound technique and a 2.6x magnifying glass, and silver amalgam as root-end filling material were included in the study. Evolution was analyzed using the clinical criteria of Mikkonen et al., 1983; radiographic criteria of Rud et al., 1972; the overall combined clinical and radiographiccriteria of von Arx and Kurt, 1999; and the Friedman (2005) concept of functional tooth at 12 months of surgery.


After 12 months, 87.2% clinical success was obtained according to the Mikkonen et al., 1983 criteria; 73.9% complete radiographichealing using Rud et al. criteria; 62.1% overall success, following the clinical and radiographic parameters of von Arx and Kurt, and 91.9% of teeth were functional. The von Arx and Kurt criteria was found to be the most reliable.


Overall evolution according to von Arx and Kurt agreed most closely with the other scales.



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