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16 Oct 2015

Horizontal Denture: A Prosthodontic Alternative for Severe Maxillary Atrophy

Peñarrocha D, Candel E, Peñarrocha MA, Agustín R, Canullo L, Peñarrocha M. The horizontal denture: A prosthodontic alternative for patients with sever maxillary atrophy. A technical note. J Oral Implantol. 2014 Jan. 16:09-33.


Abstract Objective: To describe the Horizontal Denture®, a new implant-supported prosthetic alternative for edentulous patients with atrophied edentulous maxillae, designed to combine the advantages of conventional removable overdentures and hybrid fixed prostheses. Two cases treated following this prosthetic approach are presented. Materials and Method: The Horizontal Denture® is an implant-supported removable horizontal slide-in prosthesis. The overdenture superstructure slides horizontally in antero-posterior direction onto an implant-supported primary structure and is retained by friction. Two patients with atrophic upper maxillae were rehabilitated following this technique. Eight implants were inserted in the first case and six in the second. Prosthetic and implant complications and patient satisfaction were analyzed over a 12-month follow-up.Results: Neither prosthetic nor implant complications were observed during the follow-up period. Patient satisfaction with the slide-in prostheses was very high. Conclusions: The Horizontal Denture® prosthetic design was described and two patients were rehabilitated. This technique allowed, like conventional overdentures, camouflage of the fixing screw access holes and a good hygiene, while providing a biomechanical behavior equivalent to a fixed prosthesis. Both patients were highly satisfied with the treatment.

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