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12 Feb 2016

A clinical study of 205 patients with oral lichen planus

J.V. Bagán, M.A. Milián, M. Peñarrocha, Y. Jiménez.: A clinical study of 205 patients with oral lichen planus. J Oral Maxillofac Surg. 1992 Feb;50(2):1168.


Two hundred and five patients with oral lichen planus were divided into two groups: those with only reticular lesions (group 1) and those with atrophicerosive lesions with or without concomitant reticular lesions (group 2). A comparative study of the two groups showed that the most commonly affected oral location in both was the buccal mucosa. Lesions of the tongue, gingiva, lip, and palate predominated in group 2. Likewise, chronic liver disease and diabetes were more common in the second group, as was extension of the oral lesions (P less than .001).

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