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The Master’s Degree in Oral Surgery and Implantology has a twofold purpose: clinical and research. The University Master´s Degree students widely develop their clinical knowledge and skills in oral surgery and implantology, but, above all, they are expected to carry out an intense research activity.

Therefore, the Master’s Degree in Oral Surgery and Implantology is addressed to dentists with a research profile. Key competences required for such a program include: proactivity, creativity, teamwork capacity, writing and synthesis skills, great sense of responsibility and a good deal of discipline and effort. On balance, we are looking for people who want to intensely learn and work, who have a strong research attitude.

Throughout the University Master’s Degree students will develop a research project, which we hope will finally enable them allow to obtain the Doctorate. To this end, they must comply, in advance or during the Master’s Degree, those requirements needed to carry out the reading of the Doctoral Thesis.

Below you can find information about the two ways to present the Doctoral Thesis:

1) Through obtaining an Official Master’s Degree: in the case of a PhD in Dentistry, the University Master’s Degree in Dental Sciences is the right for that.

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2) Study a Doctoral Programme in Dentistry.

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