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26 Sep 2016

Influence of smoking and oral hygiene on success implants placed after direct sinus lift

Martorell L, Romero J, Peñarrocha D, Peñarrocha MA, Garcia B, Peñarrocha M. Influence of smoking and oral hygiene on success implants placed after direct sinus lift. J oral Scien Rehabilit. 2015; 1: 70-75.


Objective: The objective of this study was to evaluate the influence of smoking and oral hygiene on the success and periimplant marginal bone loss of implants placed in one-stage and two-stage direct sinus lift procedures.
Materials and methods: A retrospective clinical study of patients who underwent direct sinus lift and implant placement was conducted. Forty-six patients with 58 direct sinus lifts were included and a total of 102 implants were placed. Cigarette consumption was quantified and the level of oral hygiene determined at the time of surgery using a simplified calculus and plaque index. Bone loss and implant success (according to Buser’s criteria) were monitored after 12 months of prosthetic loading.
Results: The success rate for implants placed after direct sinus lift was 93.1% at 12 months. There was a higher success rate in nonsmokers (94.2%) than in smokers (90.9%), with a mean bone loss of 0.52 mm (range: 0.21–0.84 mm) in nonsmokers and 0.60 mm (0.24–0.92 mm) in smokers at the 12-month follow-up. The success rate in patients with poor oral hygiene was lower (81.8%) than in patients with good (95.5%) or regular hygiene (92.3%). Furthermore, there was a mean bone loss of 0.51 mm (0.21–0.82 mm) in patients with good oral hygiene, 0.57 mm (0.24–0.82) with regular hygiene and 0.66 mm with poor hygiene (0.32–0.92 mm). There was no statistically significant relationship (p > 0.05) between bone loss or implant success and smoking or oral hygiene.

Conclusion: within its limitations, the present investigation suggests that smoking and poor oral hygiene may negatively influence the outcome of implants placed both in one-stage and two-stage direct sinus lift procedures. However, differences were in no case statistically significant and studies with larger sample sizes should be conducted to corroborate or refute these findings.


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